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Monday, February 29, 2016

Back to the north?!?!


Hola Familia
Wow the adventure is going to be so real up here in Canada. There is a new Spanish sister and Elder coming on Wednesday but we are even numbers in the Spanish program so....there are two three legs in the branch. Hermana Ratliff and Hermana Morgan are training the new Hermana in the Branch and I am being transferred to the Ward in the North with Hermana Dean. Crazy! I am excited for sure! The last time I was in the Ward I did not speak Spanish well at all and now I get to go back and understand and talk to these people. I am so excited! This week was incredible! We had two lessons with Adriana and she is so amazing! She is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. She is just so sweet. We had a lesson on Monday and then we had another lesson on Saturday. It was so funny because her husband is away working right now and she had this big piece of furniture that she had to move. So....we asked the Elders (heaven knows we can't lift it). It was SO funny! It was super heavy and the hall way was too small. Then we had to try and fit it in the Elevator. We finally get it down stairs and she didn't have a key to get it into the garage......she also doesn't speak English so Hermana Ratliff and I are going around the building asking people if they have a key. Hahahaha long story short after a good hour the elders dragged this massive wood cabinet thing from the 4th floor. hahahaha so funny! After we had this amazing lesson with her about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The spirit was so strong and she is incredible. I have no doubt it wont be long for this incredible family!  The adventure was real. It was kind of hard saying goodbye yesterday at church to the Branch member. They for sure changed me life! I am very excited for transfers though and exited for this new part of the mission. Love you all familia.
Hermana Allphin

Hermana Ratliff and I 

Also this is hermana Maria Conesto she is a sweet lady in the branch

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