Calgary Canada Mission

My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracles!!!! Holy Miracles

Ok family ready for to see the Lords hands. Sooo this week has been full of crazy miracles that make me take a step back and think...whoa I am a missionary. So at the first week I am not going to lie it was a little bit rough just because all of our appointments fell through. My Spanish isn't the best so that is a little hard too but that is ok. I am still trying my very best. Sooo remember last week when I told you about that the Bishops daughter who is inactive? And it was a miracle that we found their house? Ok ready for this we stopped by her house again and the bishop and his wife were not home but the daughter and her family was. She invited us in and we shared the Because he lives video. It was so good and after we bore our testimonies about the atonement and the spirit was so strong. She stopped us and asked us to explain the atonement. So we shared a scripture with her in The Book of Mormon and explained what the atonement was. She stopped and asked to have that scripture and where it was. So we gave her a Book of Mormon. She then told us that she had kind of been looking to see what church was true. Her mom had told her to test out prayer. Just to try it. She said she tried it once and guess what she prayer for.....missionaries. She had been living in that house for two years and no missionaries had ever come to her door. But the day she prayed for the missionaries guess who came knocking, we did. Our mouths dropped because I know that we had felt the spirit so strong to find this house last week. We get to start teaching her the lessons on Tuesday and she is really interested in learning. I am so excited. I could see it in her eyes, she is yearning for the savior. Haha it was funny though because she had said it kind of scared her because she had just prayed for missionaries and we came out of surprise. Haha I just kind of laughed to myself. God does not mess around when comes to prayer, especially when your asking for missionaries. So that was a miracle!
Miracles number two was yesterday we had an appointment fall through so we went to see this potential instead. We got there and she answered the door and let us in. She speaks so fast it was really hard for me to understand but the spirit was so strong and it was such a good lesson. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and asked her to be baptized and she said that she would think about it. Then it was so cute because she looked at us and gave herself a commitment. Haha it was the best she was like "sisters I will read the interdiction and then you can come back and teach me" we were just like oh awesome! Of course. That was so cool. I taught a little bit which was so scary I was so nervous but she said that she understood my Spanish so that is a miracle for sure. The gift of tongues is real. Then are you ready for this HUGE miracle. We walk out of the house and there was a guy sitting in his car waiting for us. He rolled down his window and was like "sisters can I ask you a question" Ok so it turns out that he was completely lost and just happen to turn on the wrong street and saw us right as we were walking into Yeneli's house. He just moved to Calgary because he is looking for something more in his life. He saw us and thought it was just way to big of a coincidence so he waited for us for 45 minutes. He wants to learn more so we got his name, number, and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was so amazing. We asked him if he was interested and he was like " yes, I am looking for something right and now and I don't know why I was guided here but I know that there is a reason." It blew me away that he just happen to get lost and see us walking into someone's house for a lesson.  Incredible. We don't get to teach him because he is English but that is totally ok because I know the Elders will do a good job. I am just so grateful I got to be the lords hands. Let me tell you, God answers ever prayer. I love being a missionary. I know that my Spanish will come soon, the gift of tongues is real. I love you family!
Love Hermana
Shaylee Allphin (or just shay)

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Lords Hands

Hola familia
My week was an adventure for sure. So this week we kind of a couple cool experiences for sure. So on Wednesday Hermana Morgan and I were driving around trying to find less actives houses (with maps on the phone it is super hard). We could not find the houses anywhere and the ones we did find they didn't answer the door. So we decided to just go walk down the street. So we did and as we were walking was saw this house and Hermana Morgan was like "I think that the Bishop's house" So we decided to go and say hi and see if they had any service the would like us to do. So we knock on the door and the bishops daughter answered it. She is inactive and I don't think her family are members at all. She was so cute and so nice. She invited in but we had an appointment so we had to go. But she said that she wanted us to come back for lunch. I don't know why but it was the best experience ever. We were able to give her a "because he lives card" and our phone number. She is seriously the cutest! It was the best because I had been praying so hard that I could find someone that Heavenly Father needed us to find that day. So then we had companionship exchanges and I went with the other Spanish sister who is an English sister right now because she is a sister training leader. She is the best really she is. We taught two lessons and in one of the lessons it was the best thing in the entire world. I felt the spirit like whisper to me to say something. I was super scared but I did and the lady we were teaching just stopped and said "thank you so much I needed to hear that. Thank you" Being the lords hands is the best feeling in the entire world. Seriously it totally is. I love the members in the ward so much! I can't even tell you they seriously are the best! Yesterday was incredible too. After church we went to this members house for dinner. It was so amazing because we weren't going to go because we didn't have the address and it was just us none of the elders where going. But I just felt like we should just call. So we did and the member was surprised but said "ya come on over" She spoke perfect English even though she is in the Spanish ward. So we went over there and we talked to her forever! It was the best thing ever she is seriously so sassy and the funniest person. I love her! Then after we shared a message with her and it was incredible. The Spirit was so strong. She shared her testimony with us and I started to tear up. She explained some trials she is going through and it was just incredible to be a comfort to her. So be a representative of the savior because in that moment that is what Christ needed us to be. After we walked out I felt to so good. I was like that is why there are missionaries. We are here for so many reasons and last night at that moment the Lord needed us to be a friend. Ahhh I can't explain to you it was just so good. I am so glad that I listened to the Spirit. That we both did. Hermana Morgan's testimony was so beautiful too. She has an incredible testimony. I love these people so much! I can't wait to continue to serve the lord and be his hands. I love you all have an amazing week. I am trying super hard on my Spanish but keep praying for me. I know the gift of tongues is real and I know that this is the Savior's mission. I love him so much!
Te Amo!
Love Shay/Hermana Allphin

Monday, April 13, 2015

And the Adventure begins now

Hola Familia
So oh my goodness it has been a while. Let me tell you about my adventures. So General Conference was incredible. I can't even explain to you how amazing it was to watch it in the MTC. We all got to sing "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet" and then "I know that my Redeemer lives" can I just say a room full of missionaries singing those songs was the most spiritual thing ever. I loved general conference! It was a great way to end the MTC. So my whole district left on Monday morning. Oh my goodness I wanted to cry I loved them so much! Haha especially when I said goodbye to the Hermanas it was so hard. But I know they are going to be incredible in Argentina. So I spent Monday with my zone and Elder Nuttall because he and I are in the same mission. ThenTuesday came and I was off to the airport. Hahaha guess who was the travel leader....what?!? hahaha I don't know how that happened but hahaha the adventure was real. It was stressful but all 9 missionaries made it to Canada safely. Haha let the mission begin. My companions name is Hermana Morgan she is so cute. She is from California and has been in the mission for 6 months. We are the only two Spanish sister missionaries companionship in the whole mission. Hahaha and let me just say Spanish is so hard. But I got to teach my first lesson. Oh my goodness it was the best thing in the entire world. I can't wait to teach more lessons. I love teaching real people and it was incredible because I could understand a lot of what they were saying. Obviously not most of it but enough that I could understand what they were kind of talking about. The two investigators are named Carla and Lucy. They are from Colombia. Their Spanish is seriously beautiful.I heard about Josh's mission call!!! I am so excited for him!  We taught them the first lesson and we talked a lot about the importance of church and the Book of Mormon. Hermana Morgan did most of the talking but I was able to say a few things and bare my testimony. I loved loved loved teaching. They were not able to go to church yesterday because they had company over but they said that they would go next week so cross your fingers. It is cold up here! Hahaha I am for sure a frozen Hermana because I am always freezing. It is very beautiful though I love it. The next 17 months are going to be incredible I am so excited. I can't wait for the day that I can speak Spanish and all the time because the Spanish language is very beautiful. It is so hard...but so beautiful. Latino food is also the best thing in the world. I might come back from the my mission a little bigger than when I left but....the adventure is real I guess. I love the Lord so much. I don't understand most of the Spanish but I realized in church yesterday as I was listening to someone bare their testimony the feeling was the same. I started to tear up and I didn't even know what the story was about. The spirit speaks all languages and I truly believe that when you are baring testimony the spirit will be there to back you up. The gift of tongues is real! I don't speak Spanish very well but I have realized that my Spanish improves every time I try to teach with the spirit. I had to comment in church yesterday (because I got called on hahaha I seriously had a panic attack) so I literally just said what little Spanish I knew and it actually wasn't that bad. The spirit is helping me I can feel it but I still have a lot of work to do. This place is absolutely beautiful! It is so windy. Hahaha seriously I feel like at any moment I might pull a Mary Poppins and blow away but it is beautiful. I love the Lord so much, I am going to try my very best to make him proud. Wish me luck with my Spanish, hahaha and prayers wouldn't hurt either. I love you familia!

Love your now official Canadian missionary
Hermana Shaylee Allphin
or Shay 

and we are off the Canada (this is on the plane)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oh Canada here I come

Hola Familia,

So what an adventure this week has been. Hmm where to start? So we finally finished learning all of the grammar for the Spanish Language....hahaha I still feel like I know nothing. Whoops. Haha oh well that's totally ok. Everyone says that I will learn in the field. My Spanish isn't terrible...hahaha but it's not the best either. The adventure is real! I got my Travel Plans!!!! I am to report to the travel office at 4:35 am to get ready to fly out to Canada. It's a strait flight to Calgary so familia be ready for the call. I am so beyond excited. The only sad part is my entire district, except for one, are all leaving on Monday. So as of Monday I will be companionless acording to my Branch President. Hahaha it's so sad!!! I am going to miss them so much!!! I seriously love them to death! After six weeks oh struggling over the language together we have become pretty close.
I am scared out of my mind to fly though! You want to know why? Okay here is goes....once upon a time I am the Travel Leader. So this means I am in charge of 9 Missionaries who all have to be on the plane to the mission and if they are's my fault. NO! I am so scared! I met the other 5 sisters flying to Canada. They are all headed there English speaking and they are the cutest, but one of them asked me if I knew everything about flying. Ummmm no! Have I flown yup, did I have my dad do everything for me....yup! I am sure it wont be that hard but I think I might turn into a mom for the day until we are all safely in Canada. Haha but I am so excited! The adenture is going to be real! I am bouncing off the walls excited for General Conference!!!!! All except for we have to watch them and we dont get to bring food, water, or blankets of any kind! Hahaha I thought the blanket part was hilarious! They just know the missionaries all to well. We don't have anymore classes....ahhhhh only infield orientation and then it's all real! What?! hahaha I can't believe six weeks is already almost up. Time flys! For real it does! Hahaha this is so exciting though! Oh guess what happened at service yesterday.....(smirking face) haha so we show up to do service and the lady was assigning jobs for us. So she looks at Hermana Johnson and I and says "can you do the toliets?" I looked at hermana Johnson and smirked while moving my eyebrows up and down....hahah we were quickly reasigned. She was like "acutally sister we are going to have you vacum the rooms" Hahah so no more racing for us I guess. Whoops. Hahaha can I tell you the funniest thing about working out with the Elders? Hahahahaha oh my goodness so Hermana Johnson and I like to run around the track in the mornings. You know that everyone has their own pace and that's totally fine...but if someone has a faster pace you are suppose to move over out of curtiousy right. So hermana Johnson and I are running and we get stuck behind these two Elders. So Hermana Johnson and I go to pass them and they see us and speed up. So we look at each other and just kind of stay behind them. Then they slow back down and we go to pass them again. They look over and do the same thing. I was so annoyed! Goodness Elders just let us pass! It doesn't matter, we don't care, we are just trying to work out. So then I was real annoyed so I decided "Im just going to sprint past them.." brillant ya? No I go sprinting they see me so then they are sprinting and I got shoved over into the weight machine. Hermana Johnson was laughing because now I am brused. Moral of the story, Elders are way to competative and I now have a battle bruse on my arm. 
Here is how I have grown spiritually. I seriously grow everysingle day. The Lord is incredible and has lifted me up every day this week. I have felt the spirit whisper to me so many times. I dearly love him. I love love love hearing the savior's voice. I have been trying to read this week about the Atonement in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It's incredible and if you have the chance I challenge you to do the same thing. The best is the Savior in America for me! I have also discover that I am pretty sure all of D&C was written for the missionaries. Christ is incredible! I also challenge to watch the Easter video the church put out about the Savior. It's very touching! It's called "Because He Lives" I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week! I love you! Wish me luck packing for Canada! Haha just kidding wish me luck in Canada!!!
love your almost Canadian Missionary 
Hermana Allphin

Here is my lovely amazing incredible District!!!! I love love love them! hahaha I know my eyes are closed but esta bien! Love you familia