Calgary Canada Mission

My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, July 11, 2016

When it rains it pours

Hola fam! 
Hahahahaha I totally forgot that Canadians summers are full of rain. It rains SO much and this week it rained like everyday. Hahaha it makes it an adventure expect for my feet are always wet;) I don't think my shoes are very built for rain. We met with the guy from Venezuela and it was awesome! He reminded me of Luis! He is this sweet little old man and oh man he has so much faith. It's always such a testimony builder to me when I meet people who have so much faith. It like boosts my own faith. He said he was praying so hard to find where the church was so he could go and take the sacrament. He prayed and got the prompting to go to the store. So he got up and went and while he was there he saw the Arbour Lake sisters. He said he didn't know how he was going to talk to him all he knew was that God had put them in his path. So we went up to talk to him (just so you know this guy doesn't speak a WORD of English) and thought "well I don't know how I am going to talk to them but the Lord will provide a way!" So then they called us and we were able to help him over the phone and then meet him this week. Cool huh! We also were walking to an appointment this week when this guy stopped us and said "hey can I ask you a question about Jesus?" we were like uh "yeah for sure! Hahaha that's why we are here." Turns out that he speaks Spanish and we set an appointment with him and had a lesson with him on Sunday. We had to pass him off the Spanish Elders in the Branch because he lives out of our area, but the lesson was still so good. He has so many questions and he said he would read the Book of Mormon! It was awesome! Then the last miracle for the week was that we had two potential lessons in the same neighborhood and these two people both weren't there when we went. It was kind of disappointing but as Hermana Ratliff and I were talking the walk of shame back to the car this family pulled up. We had made the goal to talk to everyone so we started to talk to them. Two of them didn't say a word and dad answered with a very thick accent. We asked were they were from and found out that they were from El Salvador. So we quickly switched to Spanish and had like a 10 minute chat with them. We explained what we do and asked if we could come back and they said yes. But here is the coolest part, the mom gave us her number. She asked for our number and then gave us hers! That never happens! Like Never! We called her last night and have an appointment set up for this week. It's so cool to see how many miracles there are. The Lord love us a lot! Well familia I hope that you have a good week! I love you!
Hermana Allphin

Monday, July 4, 2016

More Pictures

Our 4th of July out fits

canada day pics

An American in Canada;)

Hola fam!
I hope you had a good week and are enjoying the 4th of July! Hermana Ratliff and I are very much representing the United States today! Hahaha sometimes I like being an American! This week was SO busy! Where do I begin.....well we did two zone meeting trainings so that was fun! We had to take the bus all week because we were out of our Kilometers for the we were walking and running to appointments in the rain. Hahaha we had to take the train and the bus too and some of our travel times was like 2 hours. We were traveling down town this week and get on the train and all of the sudden the train stops because it had hit a pedestrian!!! Let me tell you something about Canada there is no jay walking! Canadians walk where ever they want! They are allowed to, it drives me nuts! They little will just walk out in the middle of the street and expect you to stop for them! Even if you are going 60 Kilometers per's crazy! hahaha but it's good it was an adventure. We also walked around the entire east of Calgary to head to an appointment. Hahaha it took a solid 2 hours to get there....hahaha but we contacted a ton of people and two of them were Spanish. We actually had the coolest thing happen this morning. We have been trying to find investigators for everyone so if we find someone Chinese we try to hand signal and call the Mandarin Elders and have them contact them through the phone. So the English sisters did that this morning and we have a potential lesson set up! This family just came from Venezuela 10 days ago and the English sisters contacted them pulled out the phone when they realized they only spoke Spanish and we set up a lesson. Isn't that SO cool! Our zone is really good at working together! We are all working hard to find new people! One of our Members moved back to Vancouver this week and she came by before she left and gave us a whole freezer full of meat. Hahaha it was awesome! So we have been having Pancakes and bacon for breakfast every morning since. We are still working with our investigators and praying to pick up news ones as well! The Lord is amazing!!! Well love you familia! Have a great 4th of July!!! 
Hermana Allphin