Calgary Canada Mission

My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, August 15, 2016

It's been an adventure

I am so excited to see you all tomorrow! This week has been the best last week ever! On Thursday I went to my last LTMs with all the Spanish missionaries in Calgary. It was so fun! I got to see the Missionaries in the branch for the last time and say goodbye to them. I have loved serving in the Spanish program! Legit these people are like my brothers and sisters! They are the greatest missionaries ever!
I have spent the whole week meeting with and seeing members for the last time. It's crazy how many of these people have changed my life. I love these people and am sad to leave them but I am grateful for the adventure that I had here in Calgary. I was able to visit Leila and Luis for the last time as well. It was so sweet! I love them both so much! I was able to talk to Karla on the phone because she is out of town and just say goodbye to everyone I love. 
Saturday we went to the temple. It was incredible I have loved having a temple in my mission. My mission was seriously hand picked by the Savior for me I know it. The temple has been such a sanctuary for me and it was so awesome getting to end my mission with a temple trip. I got to see Hermana Dean for the last time and give her a huge hug! I love her so much!! She is such an incredible missionary! I have loved serving with my 3 companions. 
Sunday was such an adventure! I talked to so many people and church and I gave my final talk/testimony. I was super nervous but it was such a privilege to be able to share with the whole ward my testimony. After wards I sang with Hermana Ratliff in relief society (which is super funny because even after 18 months I still can't sing but all is well). Then I went to my last ESL class and got to be with all my students. They are all so cute! They were like "your going back to America? Why? We like Canada? When are you coming back?"  hahaha I was like oh well not for a long time. Then they all started moaning! hahahah I love the ESL class they are the best! Bishop and his wife both called me to say thank you which was my favorite part of last night. It was just so sweet! I really love and respect Bishop Gonzalez! He and his wife are in incredible and it has been a privileged to serve with him. 
The adventure continues. I have love this place so much! This mission has been the most amazing and rewarding thing that I have ever done. I am so grateful the countless opportunities that I had to really know who my Savior was. I have loved working a long side of my Savior and to see how he works with his children! I am excited for the next adventure to come! I don't think I will ever forget this place. It has become so sacred to me. This has been the greatest blessing I could ever ask for. I love you familia. I will see you real soon!

Hermana Allphin

Monday, August 8, 2016

Let's test your faith hermana!

HOLY! This has been one of the busiest weeks on my mission. We had to Zone Training Meeting which were super good. I got to bare my testimony in both of them and it was really awesome! I almost cried in one of them.....hahaha I might burst into tears for my homecoming. It's just really incredible the thing that we learn as missionaries. The mission really is a sacred place for us. So this week I decided that I was going to put forth all my faith to help find people in the others sisters' area while we were on exchanges. Its was so cool! We prayed and just went for it. I made it a goal to legit talk to every single person I saw! Some experiences were really cool....others hahaha well lets just say not everyone is super nice. All is well though because I saw so many miracles! It took all the faith that I had but we saw miracles!! It's so cool how the Lord works. I learned such a valuable lesson that we earn our referrals from everyone including the Lord. But also that the Lord is so merciful! He loves us and he truly walks with us. I have no doubt that he has been with me each and every lesson of the mission. We also had the ward picnic which was so fun and as I was there I realized that the ward was like my family! They treat us like family and they are so loving! It was such an adventure this week. Sometimes its really hard to follow every prompting of the spirit but when we do oh man see miracles. We got to teach a lesson on the street to this man named John. He was carrying he groceries and we ran up to help him. We talked to him for a good 30 minutes, taught the entire Restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us his address to come back. So cool! My call has got to be one of the greatest! I street contact and track in English but all our teaching is done in Spanish. I have learned so many cool things from both Languages. Its been such a blessing! Well family wish me luck this week! It's going to be a great one! Love you so much!!!!
Hermana Allphin

Monday, August 1, 2016


Hola Fam!
Okay are you read for this miracle! Hermana Ratliff and I got this referral from Salt Lake and we finally got an appointment with them. So we called them and they told us that we could come over and share a message on Friday. When we went over the man who answered the door was very kind. He was excited to have us over for dinner and invited us to the back to eat some tacos. When we went to the backyard however we had something we didn't expect. It wasn't only him, his wife, and 4 kids. It was his entire extended family as well. There was 30 people there and they all speak Spanish! They all wanted to talk to us as well. I have never had anything like that happen. Hermana Ratliff and I were able to talk about what we do and talk and meet the entire family. Some of them were visiting from Mexico, but the family members who were visiting gave us their emails so we could stay in touch. I have never ever seen a miracle like that. It was just so amazing because Hermana Ratliff and I had been fasting to find the people who were ready to be taught and baptized. Then out of no where comes this entire family! They already act like members and are SO sweet! It was truly a blessing! I am loving seeing these miracles. It's just really amazing to see how much the Lord changes people. My self included. Today I gave my testimony in my last Zone training meeting and it was just so interesting to reflect on how much the Lord has done for me. I can't wait to see this family again. We have a return appointment on Friday so wish us luck! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY! I love you and I hope that you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Allphin