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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Let's test your faith hermana!

HOLY! This has been one of the busiest weeks on my mission. We had to Zone Training Meeting which were super good. I got to bare my testimony in both of them and it was really awesome! I almost cried in one of them.....hahaha I might burst into tears for my homecoming. It's just really incredible the thing that we learn as missionaries. The mission really is a sacred place for us. So this week I decided that I was going to put forth all my faith to help find people in the others sisters' area while we were on exchanges. Its was so cool! We prayed and just went for it. I made it a goal to legit talk to every single person I saw! Some experiences were really cool....others hahaha well lets just say not everyone is super nice. All is well though because I saw so many miracles! It took all the faith that I had but we saw miracles!! It's so cool how the Lord works. I learned such a valuable lesson that we earn our referrals from everyone including the Lord. But also that the Lord is so merciful! He loves us and he truly walks with us. I have no doubt that he has been with me each and every lesson of the mission. We also had the ward picnic which was so fun and as I was there I realized that the ward was like my family! They treat us like family and they are so loving! It was such an adventure this week. Sometimes its really hard to follow every prompting of the spirit but when we do oh man see miracles. We got to teach a lesson on the street to this man named John. He was carrying he groceries and we ran up to help him. We talked to him for a good 30 minutes, taught the entire Restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us his address to come back. So cool! My call has got to be one of the greatest! I street contact and track in English but all our teaching is done in Spanish. I have learned so many cool things from both Languages. Its been such a blessing! Well family wish me luck this week! It's going to be a great one! Love you so much!!!!
Hermana Allphin

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