Calgary Canada Mission

My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, May 30, 2016

When you listen to the Spirit

Okay are you ready for this.....okay first off I have to tell you the story about Marlon. This happened last week but I forgot to write it. So we have this lady in our ward and she is such a good missionary. We hadn't seen her in a while and we felt really prompted that we should go and visit her. So we did and we felt super prompted to share a scripture in Ether. So we did and we told her how powerful her testimony was. All of the sudden she got really quiet and says "do you have a paper? hurry get me a paper!" So we gave her our planners and she writes the name Marlon and his number and says "Don't say his name out loud! After you leave call him! He need God!" So we do and he answers and tells us we can come from a lesson. It was just barley out of our area so we went with the Central Spanish Elders. All four of us taught the lesson and it was SO powerful!! The next Sunday we told the hermana and her face lit up. She said "oh my gosh I thought of him with the scripture that you sent me. He is my husbands friend so that's why I couldn't say his name out loud. I knew he needed the Lord. I can't believe that you came to visit me and shared that scripture." It was such a testimony builder to see how the Lord works. Following promptings works! We also had another moment like that this week. Our appointment cancelled and so we prayed to know what to do and Hermana Dean says "lets go stop by this family we ate with in March and haven't seen since." I had totally forgot about them but when Hermana Dean said she had that prompting I felt the spirit really strong. So we went and when we did the husband answered the door and we went upstairs to find the hermana had been Super sick....and no one knew. Hermana Dean gave a super power testimony and I started to cry a little bit. I couldn't believe that no one knew. The Lord was so direct with his prompting. It was so powerful. We also went to MLCs in Lethbridge again which was fun. Road trips with Sister Trimble and Sister Blauser are so fun. It is also so uplifting to hear President and Sister Miles' testimonies. I love them so much!!! Thursday we picked up a new investigator named Adriana. The lesson was SO good. She is a referral from one the members in the English ward. She is so sweet and really wants to learn! We are excited to begin teaching her. We we got there she was like "so who is going to teach me when you go home? I want to keep learning?" hahaha she also told us that she wants us to come every Thursday! I am so excited to teach her. She is so open to learning about the gospel and she wants to invite her older daughter and mom to hear the lessons too!! It was amazing! She didn't come to church but little by little. We had a lesson with Esperanza and she came to church. I really do love her. She has such a sweet spirit and testimony. The spirit was very direct this week!! It is amazing to see how he works! Well familia I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Hermana Allphin

Monday, May 23, 2016

we went to the zoo!

Zone Conference at the Temple

Hola familia
Sorry I didn't email yesterday....the Library was closed. This week started out so fun! We went to the Zoo on Monday with Hermana Fernando in our ward! It was awesome!! So much fun!! We went to the temple for Zone Conference! Can I just say I have never felt the spirit so strong! Something about all the Elders and Sisters I am serving with in the temple. President and Sister Miles gave their testimonies after and the spirit was SO strong. We had spent two months preparing for this zone conference. President gave us this big book of Atonement talks and I have loved reading them. It's incredible how much you really get to know the Savior when you are doing his work. It takes a lot of spiritual strength but its incredible how much strength the Lord gives you! We also had a lesson with Esperanza. Hermana Dean and I are praying so hard for her. She has the sweetest testimony and is just so close. We have another lesson with her this week. She is an amazing lady and teaching her has really strengthened my testimony. Church on Sunday was incredible too! Its been a super spiritual week. I am so grateful for the Lord and all that he has done for me and all that he does for me! I am glad the wedding went well! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Allphin

Monday, May 16, 2016

Its sunny and feels like Spring!

Hola familia
Well this week we went on two exchanges which were both super good! I went with Sister Patterson who is one of my dear friends in the mission! We just ended up laughing and talking the whole time! No worries we were laughing and talking while working! Hahahaha I love her so much! After exchanges we went to visit this sweet little old lady and she made us this was green. Hahahaha I was like "oh no...its green" hahaha but it was actually good. I also went on exchanges with Sister Lyu who is the biggest sweet heart ever! We found 3 Spanish houses! She was amazing! We had a lesson with Esperanza and we talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a really good. The spirit was really strong. She is so close!!! We are praying with all our hearts that she will have the desire to be baptized. She is so sweet and we love her so much! We have a good week ahead of us! We are headed to the temple with President and the Zone for Zone conference. Its going to be fun!! I am excited! We also ate dinner with this sweet lady in our ward and it was so fun! She helped us cook and it was so good! She is so sweet! Well the adventure continues up here in the North. Last thing I want to say. Shout out to my sister who is getting married tomorrow! Chantelle Marie I am beyond excited for you and so happy that you found Mike! I hope that you have the best day of your life. You are going to be an incredible wife! I know it because you have been the greatest older sister in these last 20 years! To say you are one of my best friends doesn't even do it justice! I love you so much! I am so proud of you and know that you are going to be the most beautiful bride! Do not forget to send me pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Love you
Hermana Allphin

exchanges and learning to cook!

Monday, May 9, 2016

So there is this deer....that is so random.....we had to take a picture!

There was no one on the train!!! And we helped with young womens

This is the famous lake Louis

Service at the the Gonzalez' the elders moved cement and hna dean and I planted flowers

Young Women!

more of banff

throw back to little luis' baptism

Sis. Wagstaff, Dean, and I 
January of this year

Mother's day round #2

It was so good to see you all yesterday! Hahaha you all look SO different! Its so strange! Hahaha so I know I talked to you all yesterday....hahaha but I forget to tell you all about my week. So we got ready for mothers day this week. It was super busy now that I am looking back it was crazy busy! Haha but all is well busy is good! We had a lesson with Esperanza she is so sweet! She told us that she had church scheduled in every week haha and she said when she goes back to Montreal she wants to go to church there too. Hermana Dean and I were so happy to hear that but....she still doesn't quite know if she wants to be baptized. She came to church on Sunday and we had such a good Sunday school lesson! We are meeting with her today so that will be awesome! We also did service with the Gonzalez family this week and they are awesome! It was so funny because the Elders were all moving cement and they were like "hermanas do you want to help cook? And plant flowers?" hahaha it was so funny! It was fun! They are such a sweet family they make me laugh a ton! Well familia it was so wonderful to talk to you! Mom I hope that you had a wonderful mothers day! That was the last Skype! That is so crazy! Time is flying! I love the mission so much! Everyday is just so amazing!! We have a wonderful week ahead of us! Love you!
Hermana Allphin

Monday, May 2, 2016

To Banff we go!

Hola Familia!
So this week we made it to Banff!! As missionaries we get to go once a year and this week we had these wonderful and sweet members that took us. Jenny and Jamil they are a newly wed couple in our ward. They both served missions and they offered to take Hermana Dean and I because we had never gone. It was probably one of the most beautiful places! We had so much fun!! Hermana Dean took lots of pictures so I will be sending them. We also got to go to MLCs this week, hahahaha always and adventure! But are you ready for the biggest miracle of all? So this week it's been kind of crazy with Esperanza. She has some pretty big trials in her life so us and the bishop have been working with her. I am not sure how it is all going because as missionaries we have to stay out of most of it but, we had a beautiful lesson with her on Friday night. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so amazing. She said that she honestly felt something and she had been reading and praying to know if it was true. We were only planning on teaching the first half of the lesson so as we talked about the Atonement and we invited her to be baptized. She hesitated and said she would pray about it. She really likes the church but she lacks the courage. We decided to all pray together and she gave the most beautiful prayer. She started to cry and the end and then after the prayer she looked at Hermana Dean and I and bore her testimony. She said "it is horrible why I had to come to Calgary but the people I have met here have changed my life. I have never seen the Lord's hands so much." It was a gorgeous testimony. Then at church on Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. After Sacrament she was talking to one of the members while her daughter Halima was talking to another family, and all of the sudden one of the members grabbed me and said "Hermana she is crying." I looked over to see Esperanza in tears. When I went over to comfort her she began to tell me that she had this strong feeling inside of her that she couldn't explain. She sobbed and I just gave her the biggest hug. She said that she had wanted to bare her testimony because she just felt this feeling so strongly. Then she looked at me in the eyes and said "I don't know why I am crying? I am so happy!" I can not describe it! In her eyes I saw the light of Christ I knew with every fiber of my being that she was feeling the spirit. It made me tear up because that morning I had been praying so hard that she would receive a witness that the church was true. I saw her and she knows. That's why I came! For those tender mercies and moments like that! We have a lesson with her this week and we want to invite her to be baptized again. The next lesson is the gospel of Jesus Christ so it is so perfect. I have grown to love her so dearly. I don't think I will ever forget lessons and moments like that. I have seen it with every single one of the recent converts while they were investigating. That moment when they get it, they know and you see Christs light fill there eyes. I can't describe it but it is real! Well pray that all will go well this week and we can extend the baptismal invitation to Esperanza. I love you so much Familia! Have a good week and I will talk to you on Sunday!
Hermana Allphin