Calgary Canada Mission

My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, July 27, 2015

2 tornados in Calgary

Hola Familia
No worries I am safe and sound. it was the biggest adventure though! Haha it has been so cold and stormy I cant even image what winter is going to be like. There was two different tornados on two different days this week. Hahaha sketch huh! Who knew Canada gets tornados. Haha I was so excited though because I live in the land of many mountains.....I have never seen a tornado. It was cool! So this week we had good and not so good things happen but that's okay. Keeping the faith! Marisa dropped us but this was her first time in contact with the missionaries so we have hope for her. She is the sweetest!! Carla and Lucy have dropped off the face of the earth this week, but we are still trying to get a hold of them. Its been super weird but that is okay. I love them they are incredible. Khessy is incredible! We moved her date back to the 8th just because of scheduling but we are so excited for her. In our lesson this week we were teaching and asked her if she would live one of the commandments and to pray about it. She asked us to pray with her, so we knelt down and said a prayer. Then she grabbed her book of Mormon flipped open to a random page and started reading. We were all sitting there scared as ever praying so hard, but here is the miracle......the scripture she read was a solid answer to her prayer. I have never seen that before in the miracle! I am so excited for her baptism on the 8th! She is so excited and so ready! She has a beautiful testimony! We also met with the gross family this week and there two kids have a date!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! Seriously I love them so much! September 5th! They are amazing! They came to church yesterday and they are the cutest kids on planet earth! They really are! I am so so so excited! I love my mission. This place in incredible with so many incredible people. We are still preparing for Luisa's baptism as well and I couldn't be more excited. The Lord is incredible!!!! He really is! So happy to be a missionary! Love you familia have an incredible week!!
Hermana Allphin

Tornado in Calgary!

Hermana ratliff and me the day of the tornado

Monday, July 20, 2015

My gospel vocab

hola familia
Haha so I am most certainly a missionary because my vocabulary is all gospel....hahaha the adventure is real. This week we went with a member to translate for a doctors appointment. Haha let met tell you charades is the funniest game ever! It was an adventure. But I learned a lot of new words. It was actually super fun though! I had a blast! Khessy has a baptismal date for August 1st!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOHOOO! I am so excited for her! She is the sweetest girl ever, she also has the most beautiful testimony! I am so proud and happy for her. We also have been getting ready for Luisa's baptism on August 8th. Two baptisms in two weeks, one in the ward and one in the branch!!!! I am so excited!!!!! The adventure is so real!  We taught Yanet and we are excited to start teacher her and her husband as a family. We taught Carla and Lucy this week and Lucy read the Book of Mormon and has a testimony!!!! I almost burst into tears! I was beyond excited for her!! The Book of Mormon is so powerful! I love reading and hearing the words of the Savior! We had a hard time getting our investigators to church this week, but we are still trying. We taught the familia Gross as well! I love them so much!!! They are the sweetest ever! I love teaching children too! Its so much and they are so close to the savior. The work is amazing in Canada! It warms my heart so much! I feel so blessed to be here in Canada doing the Lords work. Hermana Ratliff, Morgan, and I were talking about our calls this week and how unique our call is. Who knew there was even a Spanish mission in Calgary? There are only three of us, out of all the sisters missionaries in the world. I feel so blessed to be here. What an wonderful and incredible gift to be a missionary. I have never felt so close to the Lord. I get to see his hand in peoples lives and I love being his missionary. I love the fact that the Lord trusts me and can count on me to teach these wonderful people. Its so amazing to feel the spirit teaching. All I have to do is open my mouth and the Spirit takes over. Spanish is slow but its coming. I love the Lord so much!!!! Wish us luck getting everything ready for the baptism! I love you familia!
Te Amo!!!
Hermana Allphin

Downtown street contacting Spanish style

Thursday, July 16, 2015

So this week....

Hola familia
Let the craziness begin, this week was hopping! No joke we were so busy but it was the best thing ever!!! So Monday we met with Khessy and taught her the restoration, it was such a good lesson. All because she has the most beautiful testimony. The light of Christ is so amazing when we look into her eyes. It was incredible! We had another lesson with Luisa who is on date for baptism. She is the sweetest person ever! She is such a good mom, and she love the lord so much! I am so excited for her baptism. Every time we teach her the spirit is so strong! I love her lessons so much! We also taught Yanet again and she is doing well. She is reading the Book of Mormon which is amazing!!! She is the sweetest too! We talked about prophets with the Gross family this week! It was so funny because we taught them "follow the prophet" and "book of Mormon stories" and it was the cutest thing. The little girls we so cute singing it! Haha I forgot how fun primary songs are. What the why did I ever want to leave primary. Haha it was the best! They are such an incredible family!!! They really are. I can feel how much they want to bring the Spirit into their homes and there lives. I just love them to pieces. We received a referral and she came to church!!! She loved it so we were super excited! Her name is Liela and she such a amazing lady! She sadly was the only one to come to church this week so that was super hard. But the others are almost there. I am so excited to start to teach Liela! We teacher her on Wednesday so that super exciting! We also taught Marisa who is from Peru! Whoo haha Lima Peru, its funny because I always have a little bit of a connection because I can bring up Chantelle! They love hearing she went to Peru. Its the best! She is the kindest person ever! I just love her! She told us that she already believe that Joseph Smith is true but....she also said she believes all religions are that is a little problem, but she really is the sweetest. I know once she reads the book of Mormon that she will know for sure the church is true. I love these people so much! Please pray that we will know what they need to hear and that the spirit can work through us. I love the Lord so much and I feel so blessed to be able to serve these people!!! I really do! The Hispanic culture is incredible I truly love these people! I got to have my interview with President Miles for the first time! What an incredible man! He is going to be an amazing mission president!!!! I am so excited to have him! He really is incredible! The lord is amazing!!! I love this mission so much! Never stop praying for me to understand Spanish because it is still really hard for me to speak! I love you familia have an incredible week!!!
Hermana Allphin

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th in Canada

Hola Familia
So this week has been super busy but amazing!!!! Busy is the best!!!!! We went to the Ward and the branch so that was fun! We have investigators in both and they are doing great! Yanet talked with her husband and he wants to learn about the gospel too!!!!! He is gone for work and wont be back for another month but when he comes back we can start to teach them as a family!!!! I am super mega excited!! We talked to Carla and Lucy and had a really good lesson on the Bible and Book of Mormon they are getting so close I can feel it! I know that they feel the spirit! They are such incredible ladies!!! We taught the investigator who is on date in the branch this week!!! Sweetest lady ever! We taught the Plan of Salvation which is one of my favorite lessons!!!! It went super well! We picked up a new investigator in the branch yesterday! She is the sweetest and she said she would for sure read the Book of Mormon!!! Whoo so exciting!!!! Ready for this miracle! So we have been trying to meet with this super cute girl (who lives with these amazing members that we eat with every Monday) and yesterday she came to church and she told us after sacrament that she wants to be baptized!!!!! We are so excited! So we get to talk with her today and set up a date! So many miracles are happening in Canada!!! The lord is amazing!!! Good things are headed our way! The lord has prepared so many people and they are all ready for the gospel in their lives. Its amazing to see how the spirit can change people. I love being the Lords hands. What an incredible adventure!!!!
Hermana Allphin