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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, July 27, 2015

2 tornados in Calgary

Hola Familia
No worries I am safe and sound. it was the biggest adventure though! Haha it has been so cold and stormy I cant even image what winter is going to be like. There was two different tornados on two different days this week. Hahaha sketch huh! Who knew Canada gets tornados. Haha I was so excited though because I live in the land of many mountains.....I have never seen a tornado. It was cool! So this week we had good and not so good things happen but that's okay. Keeping the faith! Marisa dropped us but this was her first time in contact with the missionaries so we have hope for her. She is the sweetest!! Carla and Lucy have dropped off the face of the earth this week, but we are still trying to get a hold of them. Its been super weird but that is okay. I love them they are incredible. Khessy is incredible! We moved her date back to the 8th just because of scheduling but we are so excited for her. In our lesson this week we were teaching and asked her if she would live one of the commandments and to pray about it. She asked us to pray with her, so we knelt down and said a prayer. Then she grabbed her book of Mormon flipped open to a random page and started reading. We were all sitting there scared as ever praying so hard, but here is the miracle......the scripture she read was a solid answer to her prayer. I have never seen that before in the miracle! I am so excited for her baptism on the 8th! She is so excited and so ready! She has a beautiful testimony! We also met with the gross family this week and there two kids have a date!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! Seriously I love them so much! September 5th! They are amazing! They came to church yesterday and they are the cutest kids on planet earth! They really are! I am so so so excited! I love my mission. This place in incredible with so many incredible people. We are still preparing for Luisa's baptism as well and I couldn't be more excited. The Lord is incredible!!!! He really is! So happy to be a missionary! Love you familia have an incredible week!!
Hermana Allphin

Tornado in Calgary!

Hermana ratliff and me the day of the tornado

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