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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, April 13, 2015

And the Adventure begins now

Hola Familia
So oh my goodness it has been a while. Let me tell you about my adventures. So General Conference was incredible. I can't even explain to you how amazing it was to watch it in the MTC. We all got to sing "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet" and then "I know that my Redeemer lives" can I just say a room full of missionaries singing those songs was the most spiritual thing ever. I loved general conference! It was a great way to end the MTC. So my whole district left on Monday morning. Oh my goodness I wanted to cry I loved them so much! Haha especially when I said goodbye to the Hermanas it was so hard. But I know they are going to be incredible in Argentina. So I spent Monday with my zone and Elder Nuttall because he and I are in the same mission. ThenTuesday came and I was off to the airport. Hahaha guess who was the travel leader....what?!? hahaha I don't know how that happened but hahaha the adventure was real. It was stressful but all 9 missionaries made it to Canada safely. Haha let the mission begin. My companions name is Hermana Morgan she is so cute. She is from California and has been in the mission for 6 months. We are the only two Spanish sister missionaries companionship in the whole mission. Hahaha and let me just say Spanish is so hard. But I got to teach my first lesson. Oh my goodness it was the best thing in the entire world. I can't wait to teach more lessons. I love teaching real people and it was incredible because I could understand a lot of what they were saying. Obviously not most of it but enough that I could understand what they were kind of talking about. The two investigators are named Carla and Lucy. They are from Colombia. Their Spanish is seriously beautiful.I heard about Josh's mission call!!! I am so excited for him!  We taught them the first lesson and we talked a lot about the importance of church and the Book of Mormon. Hermana Morgan did most of the talking but I was able to say a few things and bare my testimony. I loved loved loved teaching. They were not able to go to church yesterday because they had company over but they said that they would go next week so cross your fingers. It is cold up here! Hahaha I am for sure a frozen Hermana because I am always freezing. It is very beautiful though I love it. The next 17 months are going to be incredible I am so excited. I can't wait for the day that I can speak Spanish and all the time because the Spanish language is very beautiful. It is so hard...but so beautiful. Latino food is also the best thing in the world. I might come back from the my mission a little bigger than when I left but....the adventure is real I guess. I love the Lord so much. I don't understand most of the Spanish but I realized in church yesterday as I was listening to someone bare their testimony the feeling was the same. I started to tear up and I didn't even know what the story was about. The spirit speaks all languages and I truly believe that when you are baring testimony the spirit will be there to back you up. The gift of tongues is real! I don't speak Spanish very well but I have realized that my Spanish improves every time I try to teach with the spirit. I had to comment in church yesterday (because I got called on hahaha I seriously had a panic attack) so I literally just said what little Spanish I knew and it actually wasn't that bad. The spirit is helping me I can feel it but I still have a lot of work to do. This place is absolutely beautiful! It is so windy. Hahaha seriously I feel like at any moment I might pull a Mary Poppins and blow away but it is beautiful. I love the Lord so much, I am going to try my very best to make him proud. Wish me luck with my Spanish, hahaha and prayers wouldn't hurt either. I love you familia!

Love your now official Canadian missionary
Hermana Shaylee Allphin
or Shay 

and we are off the Canada (this is on the plane)

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