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Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracles!!!! Holy Miracles

Ok family ready for to see the Lords hands. Sooo this week has been full of crazy miracles that make me take a step back and think...whoa I am a missionary. So at the first week I am not going to lie it was a little bit rough just because all of our appointments fell through. My Spanish isn't the best so that is a little hard too but that is ok. I am still trying my very best. Sooo remember last week when I told you about that the Bishops daughter who is inactive? And it was a miracle that we found their house? Ok ready for this we stopped by her house again and the bishop and his wife were not home but the daughter and her family was. She invited us in and we shared the Because he lives video. It was so good and after we bore our testimonies about the atonement and the spirit was so strong. She stopped us and asked us to explain the atonement. So we shared a scripture with her in The Book of Mormon and explained what the atonement was. She stopped and asked to have that scripture and where it was. So we gave her a Book of Mormon. She then told us that she had kind of been looking to see what church was true. Her mom had told her to test out prayer. Just to try it. She said she tried it once and guess what she prayer for.....missionaries. She had been living in that house for two years and no missionaries had ever come to her door. But the day she prayed for the missionaries guess who came knocking, we did. Our mouths dropped because I know that we had felt the spirit so strong to find this house last week. We get to start teaching her the lessons on Tuesday and she is really interested in learning. I am so excited. I could see it in her eyes, she is yearning for the savior. Haha it was funny though because she had said it kind of scared her because she had just prayed for missionaries and we came out of surprise. Haha I just kind of laughed to myself. God does not mess around when comes to prayer, especially when your asking for missionaries. So that was a miracle!
Miracles number two was yesterday we had an appointment fall through so we went to see this potential instead. We got there and she answered the door and let us in. She speaks so fast it was really hard for me to understand but the spirit was so strong and it was such a good lesson. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and asked her to be baptized and she said that she would think about it. Then it was so cute because she looked at us and gave herself a commitment. Haha it was the best she was like "sisters I will read the interdiction and then you can come back and teach me" we were just like oh awesome! Of course. That was so cool. I taught a little bit which was so scary I was so nervous but she said that she understood my Spanish so that is a miracle for sure. The gift of tongues is real. Then are you ready for this HUGE miracle. We walk out of the house and there was a guy sitting in his car waiting for us. He rolled down his window and was like "sisters can I ask you a question" Ok so it turns out that he was completely lost and just happen to turn on the wrong street and saw us right as we were walking into Yeneli's house. He just moved to Calgary because he is looking for something more in his life. He saw us and thought it was just way to big of a coincidence so he waited for us for 45 minutes. He wants to learn more so we got his name, number, and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was so amazing. We asked him if he was interested and he was like " yes, I am looking for something right and now and I don't know why I was guided here but I know that there is a reason." It blew me away that he just happen to get lost and see us walking into someone's house for a lesson.  Incredible. We don't get to teach him because he is English but that is totally ok because I know the Elders will do a good job. I am just so grateful I got to be the lords hands. Let me tell you, God answers ever prayer. I love being a missionary. I know that my Spanish will come soon, the gift of tongues is real. I love you family!
Love Hermana
Shaylee Allphin (or just shay)

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