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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfers and my baby area

Hola familia
I am back in the North and its so different! I went to church on Sunday and just about died! It was a little hard leaving the branch for sure but the ward is great. Its crazy because I transferred in and the Elders had a baptism. It was so good! His name is Angel and he is the best! I was so happy for them! They are working so hard up here! For reals this area has so much work I am beyond excited!!! Its been kind of different getting the hang of things again but I love it. Hahaha my favorite part is I can understand everyone know. This time last year when I was here in the Ward I couldn't understand anyone and now I can understand everyone! Its so great! Hahaha I love the people so much! I forgot how awesome this area is. Its different being a Sister Training Leader...hahahahaha I laughed when I got the call. I was like "are you sure President?" but the sisters in my zone and in central zone are incredible. The work continues for sure! The new Spanish sister is so cute! Her Spanish is already super good! Hermana Ratliff and Morgan are going to kill it training her! They are going to do so awesome! Hope all is well in Utah! Hahaha oh and funny story its has just turned into spring. We also found this neighborhood full of Spanish families. It was the biggest miracle ever! Hermana Dean and I contacted 4 Spanish houses the spirit was on fire on Saturday! Isnt that crazy! Hahahaha so awsome! Well I hope that you have a wonderful week familia! LOVE YOU
Hermana Allphin

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