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Monday, March 21, 2016

trainings, exchanges, and a talk hahaha the adventure is real;)

Hola familia!
Hope you all had a wonderful week. My week was an adventure for sure! We had lots of meetings which is always the best for getting your spirits up. So we started out the week with Zone Conference which was so much fun! I love hearing Presidents testimony and this one was all about the Atonement! There is nothing more powerful than a testimony on the Atonement. President and Sister Miles made this book of conference talks that we are going to read up until May and then we all get to go to the Temple a mission!!! Isn't that so cool!!! I am so excited!! Legit! So so so excited! Hermana Dean and I gave two trainings for ZTMs and that was so cool. Hahaha its a lot harder than it looks for sure but its super spiritual. Hermana Dean and I had the coolest inspriation planning for it! It was awesome! Kind of scary hahaha I still don't know why God is having me do this right now but I will give it my best. We went on exchanges and I love the sisters so much! Usually I am not the biggest fan of exchanges but it was so much fun! The sisters truly are amazing! Such hard workers with such solid testimonies! hahahaha and now for the funniest and scariest part of the week.....dun dun dun. So...we had correlation before church on Sunday with our Ward mission leader so we got there a little early right. Come to find out that there was a member scheduled to give a talk that day who wasn't coming to church. Hahahaha so because I am new they decided to choose me to give a talk instead. So 20 minutes before church starts our ward mission leader comes up and says "so and so isn't coming to church today, they need you to give you testimony Hermana Allphin is that okay" Well I can't really say no I am like "ummm ya okay sure" hahahah then he goes "just a short 7-8 testimony....." Hahahahaha what?!?! Nope thats a talk! A testimony is a solid 2-3 minutes hahaha. So I quickly opened my scriptures and picked one. Hahaha I was so nervous thinking "oh my goodness I hope that my Spanish will be okay.....I just got transferred in I hope that I can speak well" I prayed all during the Sacrament and my heart was pounding out of my chest I was so nervous. I got up there a completely winged it! hahahaha and to my surprise it didn't go to bad. It wasn't perfect but God for sure helped me give the talk. So hahaha I guess sometimes God asks you to do funny things but he always helps in the end. Besides any time I get to share my testimony on the Savior and Missionary Work for sure bring blessing right? Love you so much familia! I hope that you all have a wonderful and incredible week!
Hermana Allphin

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