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Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's play a game

This is my district from last transfer! They are so awesome!!

Hola familia
I hope that you all had a good week. This week has been an adventure for sure. Hermana Dean and I have been finding......and finding....and finding. Hahahaha but its been fun. All my comps know this and hahaha they get real scared because when I get bored I just look at my comps and say "let play a game." These games usually involve something embarrassing but so funny! So for Hermana Dean and I it has been the tracking game. The rules of of the game are one companion gives the other one a random word. The other companion who has received the word then has to say it at the door. The best was I gave Hermana Dean the word shoes....hahahaha which is an easy word. Oh my goodness I have never laughed so hard. She was so nervous to say the word we were at this door with this sweet little Chinese lady who didn't speak a word of English. Hahahaha (we got you Mandarin Elders #referral) Hermana Dean was so nervous to say her word she took advantage of the fact this lady didn't speak English and yells out "hey I love your shoes" hahahaha the best part the lady wasn't even wearing shoes. But she had no idea and got this huge grin on her face and just nodded her head and said "thank you thank you" I just about died laughing. How in the world did that even work? hahahaha Hermana Dean died laughing too. The game is real silly but it makes the work fun. Hermana Morgan was the funniest every time I said " a game...?" (with the eyebrows of course) she would just look at me and say "No Hermana I really don't think your games are a good idea" hahahaha that time we ended up throwing ice cream sandwiches at the Elders....or chasing a deer around the parking lot. (That one was with Hermana Ratliff) hahaha it for sure makes the work interesting. We also got to go MLC this week. It was so cool. President is so amazing I love hearing from him. The adventure is real here in the North. I have been laughing a lot. hahahaha its been great! Well that is all I got for this week. We taught Teresa y Raoul this week. They are awesome. They are investigators who are slowing progressing but they are reading and praying to know. I love teaching lessons so I can't wait to fill our teaching pool. This is a wonderful area with so much potential and work to do. It's great to be back in the north! Well I hope you all have a wonderful week familia! I love you lots!!!!!!!
Hermana Allphin

Haha this is the new Spanish sisters and the Elders Baptism and the bishop 

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