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Monday, November 30, 2015

When pens freeze....

Hola Familia
So this week has been an adventure for sure. It was really cold this week I pulled out all of my coldest winter cloths to go tracking and the adventure was real. Yup legit me pen froze so I we couldn't write our phone number on the card hahahaha. So funny! Can I just say that fasting works! It totally works. So there has been a little bit of sadness going around the mission because the work in November has been really slow. It was booming in October and now we all have to refill our teaching pools. So Hermana Morgan and I decided that we were going to find new investigators this week. Not just us but all the Spanish Elders in the branch too. So we decided to do a fast just the two of us and oh my goodness miracles happen!!! Let me tell you what happened! That day this less active that we having trying to get a hold of for months called us!!!!! We have an appointment set up with her and I am just so happy!! Then we worked hard all this week but we couldn't seem to find anyone. So then Saturday rolls around and oh my miracle. We go to lunch with this sweet lady in the branch who invited her friends over to meet the missionaries. One family of friends didn't show up but her friend Claudia that she had invited to church the week earlier came. She is the sweetest lady ever!!! Hermana Morgan shared the message and gave her a book of Mormon. She was so happy and said that she had always seen them but no one had ever given her one. It was awesome. So Sunday came around and guess what she came to church!!!! She came to church and stayed all three hours and now we have an appointment with her on Wednesday!! Then Miracle number two. We saw Leila at church and we haven't been able to meet with her in a while just because its been busy so I went up to talk to her and she pulled me aside and said her son Luis wants to be baptised too!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited!!!!!! So we are going to start teaching him to get him ready for his birthday and a baptism! This was an incredible week in the Kingdom of god! It just keeps getting better too! The Elders all had lessons with potential investigators too!!! Both sets! Isn't that amazing! The work is coming the lord has prepared so many people! I am so happy!! Oh and we found out that our wonderful and incredible STLs who we live with Sister Wagstaff and Kendrick had fasted that somehow we could find two new investigators and fasting is real because hopefully by the end of this week we can all find who the lord has prepared. The lords work is timed perfectly! Seriously I am so happy that I get to see his hands! He is truly incredible! So its going to be a good week in the kingdom of God! Love you familia!
Hermana Allphin
p.s oh man I really am frozen Hermana check out these tracking pictures Hermana Morgan I took. It was -10 with windshield so it was actually -20! But no worries mom that coat is amazing it kept me warm! Love you so much! Hahaha I love it!

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