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Monday, November 9, 2015

The lord works in interesting ways

Hola familia
So some interesting things happened this week. First of all my companion and I got in with Nancy again for another lesson and it was so good! We asked her if she read the book of Mormon and she said that she hadn't because her mom stole it to read it! We were so excited! She then said that her sisters wanted to learn more about it too! So we are going to have a lesson with them as a family this week!!!!!!! I am so excited Nancy is the cutest ever! I just love her! I know her family is just going to be incredible too! We had an interesting experience on Friday. So Hermana Morgan and I had this person we were suppose to go and see in the south part of the area, but for some reason we felt really strongly that we should go and stop by these people up on central. We didn't have the kilometers for both (because we are only given a certain amount every month). So even though all logic said we needed to go to Evergreen (south) we went on a wild goose chase up in Central. We didn't really even get dinner we went to this little store and boat Spaghetti sauce, tortillas, and frosting. I was a little peeved because we searched and searched for an hour to find this house and we finally found it. This lady wouldn't not let us in because she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. I tried so hard to explain. "Nope no worries just the Mormons." but hahaha all is well. So we went to go find this other house and it was cold and super dark and we were in the downtown which is kind of sketchy sometimes. Haha but we found this house and it turns out its one of our less actives! She just happened to be home and let us in! She was just so wonderful and it was a miracle. I saw the lord's hands so much! Seriously! We are going to start visiting her and I just love her. The mission is incredible! Even when you have stressful days and people don't answer the door its incredible! Seriously! I really love it! The Lord is incredible! This week is going to be awesome! I love you so much Familia! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Allphin

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