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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Montreal Temple Dedication

Hola Familia!
So the temple dedication was so amazing! We worked hard all week but and had some great things happen but the best part was the Temple dedication! So on Sunday we got the Stake Center about 9:15 and the dedication starts at 10:00 and there is no Spanish translation. So Hermana Morgan and I are like "uhhhh that's not going to work." Everyone kept telling us "Hermanas there is only French and English do either of those work?" I am over here like umm No they speak Spanish...Not French! So all the missionaries and the technology guy for the stake are all running around frantic trying to find the Spanish channel for the Branch. Hahaha it made for an adventure. We got it all worked out in time for the Dedication though so all was well. The talks were so good! And they were so cool in Spanish! Seriously so good. Luis and Leila both loved it! Luis cried a little bit at the end and they both were so excited to be able to go the temple in a year. I just love them so much! I loved to see how much they feel the spirit and the light of Christ in their eyes. We taught Nanci this week, we were not able to teach her family but we are going to keep trying. She is amazing! Truly she is! We have some potential lessons set up this week so I am super excited about that too. Its going to be a good week in the Kingdom I think! Love you familia! I hope you have a wonderful American Thanksgiving! Love you lots!!
Hermana Allphin

The snowman is because we were walking all day and got bored. The one with coat is my STL sister Kendrick and I go home with her! 9 months together! And the last one is Sarah Morales she is the cutest little girl ever! 

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