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Monday, October 26, 2015

El Bautismo de Luis

Hola Familia
So this week was such an incredible week! Seriously! I just loved it! We had Luis' baptism and it was amazing. Hermana Dean and I woke up early to go and fill the font and it was freezing outside. We got everything set up for the baptism at 10. About 9:40 our branch mission leader showed up haha and then the rest of the branch members showed up....but Luis was missing. Hahaha oh my goodness we were a little stressed. We had the brother doing the baptism, the people giving the talk, the rest of the branch missionaries, everyone.....except Luis. Hahaha so we were a little stressed but no worries familia that's not how the story ends. About 10:15 Luis came walking through the door. Hahaha I have never been so releaved in my life. It was one of the happiest baptisms ever. So spiritual! I was smiling from ear to ear. He gave his testimony and oh my goodness it was beautiful! I cried just a little. Then he was confirmed on Sunday and that was beautiful too! It was wonderful! He is getting the Priesthood next Sunday and I am so excited! So excited! Leila came to church and stayed all three hours and it was wonderful! She loved it! She is so excited for her baptism and confirmation too! It was so cool! The whole branch is excited. They haven't had a convert baptism is a long time and now they have two! So much fun! Oh man I just love them so much! This week we also made cookies because we are going to door bell ditch the whole branch with the cookies and put a missionary twist to it. Hahaha to be honest I am not sure how its going to work but I am excited! So we made over 500 cookies over a two day time period at our ward mission leaders house. Hahaha so sorry mom I let you down....I cant bake or cook for my life. It was the biggest struggle. The elders were the one cooking hahaha Hermana Dean I and I just kind of stirred...hahaha whoops. We also carved pumpkins for P-day. Oh my goodness so fun! We all wore stripes and carved pumpkins! I love my STL's so much! It has been so much fun living with them. This is transfer week so everything is changing. Crazy! Sister Joseph is headed back home to New Zealand! Oh man I am going to miss her! Just love her so much! Crazy! But so much fun! Wish us luck with Leila's baptism on Saturday! Love you Familia
Hermana Allphin 

The morales family!

Making cookies
This is Luis! And these are all the missionaries in the branch. This is our Halloween party! We got these huge wax lips and I look like....I don't even know! Hahaha and then Sister dean and I just messing around;) hahaha the adventure is real!

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