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Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't cry over spilled milk....

Hola familia 
So this week we had a second lesson with Louis with the members that he live with on the Plan of Salvation, oh my goodness gracious it was so good!! No joke! It was super good! I almost cried a couple times but I didn't. We teach him tonight and we are super excited. He is so excited to learn. He just wants to know more. I hope that conference went well for him. We also taught Leila and it was super cool because at the end of the lesson she said "so who do I need to talk to get baptised?" We died so excited! So we put her on date for the 31st of October. Halloween! Haha it was super cool because that morning Hermana Dean and I had prayed super hard on which date and felt like the 31st and when we came to lesson she was ready. I am beyond excited for her! She is so sweet! I just love her. We also went to the food bank this week. So the Spanish missionaries every week go to the food bank.....oh my goodness. So funny! It actually kind of fun. So our job this week was to put the food into their carts at the end of the row. So we are all working and I was trying to be fast so I take out this milk carton....that's when it all went wrong. The edge of the milk caught the crate, I ripped the side off and it went everywhere. All over me, all over the lady, and the rest of the food. Talk about embarrassing. Haha the lady just looked at me. I bust up laughing which made it worse I think but it was kind of funny. No worries though I got her a new milk Carton;) We also had Conference like the rest of the world and guess what I totally guessed Rasband! NO joke! We were looking at the 70 and just by random I was like "its totally going to be Rasband because he has a cool name" Next thing we know hahaha it was Rasband. Hahaha so funny! Hermana Dean and I just bust up laughing! But I am excited for the new apostles! They seem awesome!  This week is going to be awesome I am super excited! We are going hiking for p-day today! Whoohoo the adventure continues until the snow comes. It did snow a little bit but lucky for us it didn't stick. Haha but crazy its getting cold winter is coming for sure. Love you family! I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic week!!
Hermana Allphin 

So check out these Canadian signs
Naturally we had to reinact it 

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