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Monday, September 7, 2015

Rain...then snow...then rain again

Hola Familia
I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week was an adventure for me! We taught Leila the plan of salvation and she loved it! Seriously it was one of the best lesson ever! She was so cute and you could just see how touched she was in her eyes. She wants to be baptized and we are so excited. She has a wonderful son as well. They are just the best ever! We were not able to meet with Rubiela this week but we are meeting with her this upcoming week. We were finding all week and we found some pretty awesome potentials that we have lessons with. One of them we found while downtown street contacting. It was really funny because we went on splits and we were contacting in English (because its canada) and i started talking to this guy and he was like "oh sorry i don't very good english" I asked him where he was from and he said Peru. It was so funny because I switched to Spanish and said. No worries we speak Spanish. The look on his face was like "oh one excuse." But he heard us out and we have an appointment with him tomorrow. So funny! We also have a member of the 70 coming this week to our mission. Elder Martino! Its going to be awesome! I am super excited. President gave Hermana Dean and I to go the Gross family's baptism! I am so excited! I just love their family so much! We had the area 70 come into our Relief society and talk to us on Sunday. He totally speaks Spanish! He is such a sweet guy! So many church famous people! Its awesome! It for sure been a cold week. It rained for 24 hours strait. This rain was like ice! It was so cold! Then it slowly turned into snow. We can see Banff (the mountains) from my area right now and oh my goodness the mountains are covered in snow! Winter is coming and its only September...haha crazy! I hope you have a wonderful week familia! 
Hermana Allphin

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