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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Gross family baptism

Wow this week has been hopping with things to do. We have two new investigators and they are the sweetest. The first is Bruno! He is from Peru and he is so kind. We found him down town street contacting in English! He is super interested and he has a cousin that is LDS in North Carolina. Its amazing! We get to teach him again this week so we are so excited! The next one is Myra. Myra isn't technically a "new investigator" but she is for Hermana Dean and I. She was Hermana Ratliff and Prochelo's investigator but we finally got a hold of her this week! She is the sweetest! She is from Mexico! We taught her the restoration and oh man I love teaching about Joseph Smith. He is such an amazing man! We had a general authority come to the mission and it was amazing! Elder Martino! He is such a amazing man! Seriously! It was all day and literally we were so pumped after! It was like Lets go and baptise all of Canada! Haha the adventure was real. It was fun because we got to see the North Spanish sisters again. Hermana Ratliff and Morgan. Its weird not being around them but oh man I love them so much they are awesome! We had language training with all the Spanish missionaries in the Calgary area and that is always an adventure. Then on Saturday we got to go up to the Gross family baptism! It was amazing to see them all again! They are the cutest ever! I cried a little bit! Both Sebastian and Mayana were baptised and they were so happy! Hermana Dean and I had to do the ten minute first in was so hard. Not because I didn't know the words but because I am so used to saying Jesucristo instead of Jesus Christ. So it was kind of a struggle. Apparently I don't speak English or Spanish but I am pretty good at Spanglish;) They are such an amazing family and I cant believe we met them in April. My favorite thing in the world was to see their progression. From April to September they are the most incredible family! I just love them! The adventure continues in Canada! I hope you have a wonder week familia! I love you!
Hermana Allphin

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