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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, August 10, 2015

El bautismo de Khessy!

Hola Familia
Okay so let me start out by saying the weather in Calgary is the strangest thing in the whole world. We had two massive hale storms this week, hahaha and its walk and talk august so that's fun. We were drenched! Crazy! We were trying to get to dinner at a members house and it was so crazy because were literally running through massive puddles and rivers. When we got to the members house we were so wet. They said we looked like wet dogs. Thank goodness we are super good friends because haha they gave us some sweats to eat in while they dried our dresses. Oh the adventure was real! The hale looked like snow....hahaha I thought it was suppose to be August;) We were getting ready for Khessy baptism all week which was incredible!!!!!!! She is the most amazing girl ever! She has the most beautiful testimony! Her baptism was so special and you can see the light of Christ in her eyes. It was kind of stressful getting ready for it but what an incredible amazing thing! I absolutely love her to pieces. She is the most amazing member! She is just truly incredible! She received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and I just loved it! She was beaming! She just really is incredible!!!! There were so many missionaries at the baptism. The AP's showed up which was kind of funny! We had one set of Spanish Elders and our District leader. Funny story about the font. So it take 3 hours to fill up.....hahaha what in the world. So we went 3 hours early and started the font. Well 2 1/2 hours later...the font is like a lava pit. The water was so hot and we all looked at each other and said. She is going to get burns from this water! So we stopped the water and tried to turn it to cold....there is only 1 temperature....MORDOR! So we started filling up pitchers of cold water from the kitchen and dumping it into the font. Crazy!!! The bathroom was steaming. We got it down to a reasonable temperature....or so we thought but when they got in to do the baptism they both gasped because it was a little hot. Haha and everyone thought Canada would be having baptism with Ice chunks floating around....nope haha just boiling;) It was an adventure for sure! The baptism was truly amazing! I loved being apart of it! I getting transferredThursday so wish me luck! Its been fun serving in ward, then the ward and the branch, and now I am just going to be in the branch. I am training too.....ahhhh! So fun! Love you familia!
Hermana Allphin

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