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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, June 6, 2016

It is summer in Canada!

So my week was so busy I was looking back through and it feels likes its been two weeks since I emailed you all. Monday Hermana Dean and I went to the Calgary Tower for lunch and it was so much fun! Its so cool! They have this restaurant at the top that spins so you get to see the entire city! It was so beautiful! We got to go and see this sweet lady in our ward for the last time. She is moving to Vancouver until December. It was so fun! We love this family so much! They said next summer they are coming to Utah so they want to come and see Hermana Dean and there. Wednesday we had the coolest miracle. We had a lesson set up with Esperanza that cancelled. So we were like "well were should we go?" it was 8:00 so we had one hour. We had gotten a referral from a set of English Elders and so we were like "okay well let's go contact them" So we went over there. There was no one home but we decided to keep walking. Hermana Dean decided to ask this little kids playing if they knew of anyone who spoke Spanish in the area. He was like "I speak Spanish I am from Colombia!" Next thing we know this little 11 year old boy was taking us around the entire complex showing us where every Spanish family lives. They best part was he stayed with us and every house he would knock and yell "hey the missionaries are here, they are from the states, they speak Spanish. They have a message to share with you. Its only two minutes so come and talk to them" It was the coolest thing ever and it worked. We successfully found 13 Spanish families all because this sweet little boy. He stayed with us the whole time and at the end asked if we were going to visit his family. It was SO amazing!! Biggest miracle and tender mercy. We got back in the car to head home and the Hermana Dean says "that just proves Preach My Gospel is right! We talk to everyone!" it was such an amazing moment. We also had a powerful lesson with Esperanza! Hermana Dean and always testify so hard at her lessons. There are just some powerful lessons that you teach on your mission. For me it has for sure been with Esperanza. We also got to do a missionary panel for the Stake Relief society activity. It was so amazing!! Legit! It was so spiritual because it was Hermana Dean and I, this return missionary senior couple that served in Greece, an RM from the Toronto Mission, and an whole room of future missionaries with their moms. I am telling you it was powerful! It was a very good week. Can't believe the transfer is over!! It has gone so fast! Well I love you familia! I hope you have a good week 
Hermana Allphin

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