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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, January 4, 2016

When you look at life through the Lord's eyes

Hola Familia
I am so glad that you all had such a wonderful week. For us its been a little bit of a different week up here in Canada. We are still preparing for Luis' (Leila's son) baptism this week. He is the sweetest little boy ever! He is turning twelve and gets to pass the Sacrament soon! We are just so excited especially his sweet mom! I have felt so blessed to have taught these wonderful people. First his mom and now Luis. He is so sweet and they are such wonderful strong members of the church! Unfortunately things that we had planned this week fell through. It was a little bit of an interesting experience because I had to drop to my knees really pray for guidance. I am so incredibly grateful for the Lord and for his love. I have felt the lords love and seen his hands guiding and helping me through the week. There was one day that I prayed so hard saying "heavenly father I just want to find the people who you have prepared. Please lead me to them" Hermana Morgan and I were sitting in the family history center printing off a talk for another lesson we had planned and I had the strongest impression that we needed to leave. So I looked at Hermana Morgan and said "hey I don't know why but can we leave" she was like "that's fine where do you want to go?" I had this feeling the Roca family. So we drove over to the house and it was pitch black not a light on in the house. In my head I was like no one is there but okay. So we got out and went and knocked on the door. Like I thought no one was there but as I turned to walk away I had the strongest feeling that we need to go and knock on the house next door. So I turned to Hermana Morgan and said "can we knock on the house next door?" she looked at me and said "of course"  So we did. This house is a couple from Mexico!!!!!!! He is so sweet and he knows the church from his kids and here is the best part. He was like "actually I have a really good friend who is in the 70? I am not sure what that means but its that part of your church?" I think my jaw dropped to the ground! We just tracked into a man with a friend who is a general authority! So we have an appointment set up for this week! After we left Hermana Morgan and I just dropped to our knees saying thank you to Heavenly Father. This is the Savior work and I have been so amazed at everyone whom the Lord has prepared. The field is white and already to harvest! The Lord loves his children and the Lord loves his missionaries. I am so so so grateful to serve here in this mission with these wonderful people. No matter what happens I would not trade these experiences for the world! I love you so much familia! I am so grateful the I can be a missionary! Thank you family! I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Allphin

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