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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What? It's already been a week?

Holy Cow! It's already been a week. Okay so let me dig through my memory to find out what I did. So the first few days were kind of ruff. It has been super hard but I love it. I got to teach a Practice investigator named Diana which doesn't sound hard but....problem I don't speak Spanish yet. So I went in and the first lesson was a train wreck. The second lesson wasn't much better. I got really discouraged because I could kind of understand what they were saying (which was a huge miracle in itself) but I knew how to English. I seriously couldn't not think of how to speak in Spanish. It was kind of hard of hard and I got really down. All because my Hermana Johnson and I got the feed back and it was worse than I thought. So Saturday was super hard, I feel bad! I was really not in a good mood. For instance I was just sitting there listening to my teacher speaking Spanish and thinking "I don't know Spanish! This is super hard. Everyone is learning so fast. I hate whoever built that dang Tower of Bable. I thought I was okay for my third day and it's just been all around bad." So to say the lease I was having a pitty party for myself. As I was sitting there I thought came into my head "I'm the Gardener here" It took my back by surprise and I realized....the first few days I had been progressing and I had gotten a little bit of a hot head. I wasn't teaching the lesson with the spirit, I was just teaching it. The only way the Lord could get through to me was by cutting me down. Just like the conference talk. So then we had Sunday...which is my absolute saving grace. I realized what the Lord needed to do. I realized and I hope that I never forget that I need to teach every lesson as if the Lord was sitting in the room with me. Because I represent him, I am wearing his name and he has entrusted me to share his gospel. Once I realized that Spanish wasn't a competition and I was actually improving so much I knew what I needed to do. So my next lesson we went in and I just bore my heart out. I can't even tell you how amazing the miracle was, because for the first time I understood what she was saying. I couldn't understand everything but I could piece together what I knew and I could guess what she needed. My heart was so full of joy and I spoke to her. It was the most simple Spanish in the world and I don't even think I said everything right but I spoke my testimony. I know that the spirit was with me in that lesson. I am really trying not to get down because I know that's it's the spirit that teaches. I might not know very much Spanish but I know that if I truly bare my testimony the spirit will back me up. I do represent the Lord. This isn't about me, it's about him. I couldn't be more grateful for this amazing time. I love the Lord so much. 

wait I forgot to tell you about my district

Okay So I have the greatest district ever! Everyone became instant friends it been so great. I love all of them. My companion's name is Hermana Johnson and she is from Idaho. Everyone in my district and my zone are going to whoops. Haha only Elder Nuttle is going to my same mission. But is so great! My Zone is a little...interesting sometimes. But I love love love all the sisters! They are going to be incredible missionaries. They leave on Monday so it will be only my district. All the sister's that are leaving are headed to California. My District works so hard and I love class with them. I am going to miss them because they are all going to South American and I am going up north....but the more I hear about South America....all I have to say God knows me so well because Canada is PERFECT!  I am going to Hermana Elhert's home town and it's been so fun hearing about my mission. I love you so much I will send pictures. Have a wonderful week and don't worry about me the first couple days were hard but I seriously love it here. I love the Lord so much! Don't stop praying for me to understand Spanish. I love you 
Oh I ran into Sister Jacklin....she is the cutest person ever!!!! I love seeing friendly faces in the MTC. Oh guess what one of the Elder's in my Zone is the Erickson's cousin...small small world. Love you!

love Hermana Allphin

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