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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hermana Morgan went home!

First of all I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my trainer and companion of 5 transfers Hermana Katie Morgan! She successfully and honorably finished an 18 month mission speaking Spanish here in Calgary! Morganita I am so happy for you! I love you and I am going to miss you tons! Go kill it in Pittsburgh! Hola Familia! So this week we said good bye to Hermana Morgan it was so weird to see her go. We also had a lot of transitioning with transfers. I am so glad I didn't get transferred,(hahahaha like I knew I wouldn't because sister Ratliff is still training) transfers are so stressful! The Elders had Johnny's baptism on Wednesday! It was so good! They were both so happy! The ward was so happy, we were so happy! All around baptisms are the best! No matter who it is. We had a lesson with Esperanza this week and it was so good. She is so sweet and the spirit was so strong. We were able to talk about the restoration and she loved it. She said she really loves our church because usually she isn't a big church person. She came to church on Sunday and I think both her and Halima loved it. We have a lesson with them this week along with Edgar and Juliana. Funny story about singing in Sacrament. So heaven knows I don't have the best voice and in sacrament the hymns were all off. Hahaha so usually I try to kind of sing loud because no one really knows the songs but yesterday all the hymns were to low for me. Like the organ was an octave low or something so I was trying so hard to sing and I sounded like a man....Esperanza just looked at me and tried to sing along with me anyways. Hahahah then the next hymn comes and I had never heard of this hymn in my life. Not one person was singing in the congregation and I look down and I realize why....we were singing a different hymn that was being played! SO funny! I lost it! I was trying so hard to compose myself. It was so funny! It's those little funny moments like that where you just love your mission. Hahahah Esperanza and her daughter Halima are amazing! It is going to be a great week! Love you familia!
Hermana Allphin

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