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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spanish Sisters of Calgary

Hola familia
Ok are you ready for this craziness!! So this week was transfers and because there are only 3 Spanish sisters in the whole mission right now we were put in a 3 leg! It has been fun! So they took sisters out of the Branch which was no fun, but then as of Friday we got a call from President....WE ARE NOW SERVING IN THE WARD AND THE BRANCH!!! We are beyond excited!! So much work is coming our way! We have investigators in both and we have referrals from both! This is incredible! We are going to be the busiest sisters ever but I am so excited! This is the best busy in the entire world!! There are so many incredible people here! So many prepared and wonderful people!!!! So we taught Carla and Lucy this week and it was such an amazing lesson. We went over baptism and priesthood again. It was exactly what they needed. The spirit was so strong! Carla wants the gift of the Holy Ghost so badly and now it wont be long until they know for sure the church is true. We inviting them to baptism again and they said yes but they still wont commit to a date. We are going to keep trying I know that the Lord is working hard on them. They are so ready I can feel it. Carla and Lucy are miracles! They are two of the greatest people ever! I love them so much!!! We get to go see Yanet this week on Wednesday we are hoping all goes well because we absolutely love her too. Then all this week we get to meet the Branch's investigators. We have a lot of good potentials too! The work is good! Its going to be a good week in the Kingdom! Its going to be an amazing transfer in the kingdom! 7 weeks is a long time but its just what we need!!! Wish us good luck and always pray we can have the spirit. We are now the Spanish sisters of all of Calgary! I couldn't be more excited! Love you familia have a fantastic week!!!!!
Hermana Allphin

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