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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mr. Mayor there is the summer!!

Hola familia
I hope that you all had a fantastic week! This week has been a little bit chilly! Out of no where mother nature decided she was going to make things a little bit colder than what I would have liked. Haha we were suppose to be walking this week but it rained most the days so....the car it is. My umbrella is my best friend these days. One of the days it even snowed. It was just a light snow and it didn't stick but we were pretty surprised. Haha but then again it is Canada. This week we were not able to teach Yanet but we saw her and she is doing super well. We get to see her next week. We taught Carla and Lucy on Friday and the lesson went super well. They want to be baptized but they still have a little bit of hesitation. We praying super hard that we can help them. I got to teach two lessons all by my self. AHHHH it was super scary. I was praying so hard because I was really nervous about my Spanish but some how (because the gift of tongues is real) I did it. I had to teach them by my self because we went on exchanges and the STL's are English missionaries. This week I learned that the Lord stood beside me all week. He is amazing, this week I was really nervous about Spanish, but I heard from another missionary earlier that fear replaces faith. So I have been trying and working on that all week. I have been trying to replace my fear and just go for it. The Lord is amazing, I know that he knows Spanish perfectly and so through him I can learn it. Spanish is still hard but it is slowly getting easier. I have never felt so close to the Lord than I do out here. I love being a representative of the Lord, I think honestly it is the best feeling in the entire world. I love you familia! I hope you have a fantastic week!! I love you! The Lord loves you!
Love your Canadian Missionary
Hermana Shaylee Allphin

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