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My 18 months as a sister missionary speaking Spanish in Calgary!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The miracles keep rolling in

Hola Famila
Haha it was so good to talk to you all yesterday! So let me tell you the run down of my week. We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation with Carla and Lucy which was super awesome!!!! Carla is such a sweetie and she seemed really interested in what we were explaining to her. We taught the first lesson to our new investigator and she was super amazing and we asked her if she would want to be baptized and she said yes so hopefully all will continue to go well! She is incredible!!! We are continuing to teach the bishops daughter and her husband and now we hope that we can start to teach them as a family with their kids. They are so incredible I love them so much! They seriously are the nicest people in the entire world. Then here is the huge miracle we met with a family were the wife is super less active and the husband is not a member. So we have been going over there and giving messages and the last time we did the husband asked if we could help explain Christ and God to his daughter. I thought it was just so incredible that this loving father who was not of our faith loves the lord so much he wants us to teach his daughter so she can love God as much as he does. I just was so touched by that. He was so funny, was like maybe you could talk to her because your two young teenage girls and she will listen to you. I am super excited. Miracles keep rolling in I love being the hands of the Lord. I love everything about being a mission. The lord has done so much for me and my family it is such an honor to serve him and his children. I love love love being a missionary. Haha even though Spanish is super hard. That is okay all is well.
I love being here in Canada this is totally where I am meant to be.
I love being a Canadian Missionary!!!!
Love Hermana Allphin

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