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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That awkward moment when......


hahah so first of all I forgot to tell you that my P-day got moved to Tuesday....sorry mom! That is why I am emailing right now. So are you ready for this adventure of a week. So on Tuesday I had the chance to go and clean the was the best thing in the entire world! I don't know why I have never done this before.....I am from Utah. I live in the land of never ending Temples and this is the first time I have cleaned it. Haha anyway it was incredible. We taught Yanette again and she said that she would pray about a baptismal date!!! We are praying all goes well with her!!!! Haha and here is the biggest adventure of the week. So the sweet fathers in the ward decided they were going to put on a big mothers day dinner for the mothers in the ward. All of the missionaries were invited and we actually had to sing. Hahaha I don't know why everyone thinks I can sing! Its super funny because anyone who knows me knows that singing isn't my greatest talent. Whoops but that is okay I guess hahaha anyways it ending up being me with 6 Elders singing "Mother I love you" in Spanish while my companion played the piano. So here is were the adventure gets real. So for some strange reason all of the Elders didn't eat the food they made they went out to eat which I thought was really strange. Then my companion Hermana Morgan didn't really eat because she wasn't hungry so I ending up being the only missionary to eat the mothers day meal. Well......... I got food poisoning! The next thing I know I am dying of an illness! I was so sick all night long. We had a super busy day ahead of us so I got up the next morning and tried to stand.....nope that wasn't happening. I was SO sick!!!! Apparently so many of the mothers got sick in the ward. I felt so bad because here the fathers were trying so hard to make a nice mothers day dinner for their wives and mothers and everyone got sick. I was super sick, so we went on temporary companionship exchanges for the day because Sister Widgren was sick too(not from the dinner just because she was sick) She is a sister in my zone in the English program. So all of Saturday I was dying.....seriously dying. But I had to give a ten minute first at the English sisters baptism so we still went Saturday night. Bad news that made is worse but all is well. Haha anyway Saturday night it was so bad I was seriously starving to death because I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day so I was shaking really bad and my companion starting flipping out a little bit. She was like "HERMANA YOU HAVE TO DRINK SOME WATER" sorry mom I was being really stubborn because water sounded like death. My companion was really scared because one of Hermanas in my ward had to go to the hospital she was so sick. But I refused to drink the water next thing I know I had to get a blessing because Hermana Morgan called our District leader and asked him how to bring down a fever (he's like way smart with medical stuff) and he was like "Sister Allphin you have to drink something!!!" But I wouldn't so they came over to give me a blessing. They also forced me to drink something which I did and it was nasty!!!! Just like I predicted! Hahaha but I am super grateful they came over. I am okay now mom so all is well! Haha but here is the funny part where God has a sense of humor. I was so dehydrated and super sick that I popped a blood vessel in my eye....and now I look like Dracula in one eye. Oh and here is the best part....It not going away for up to three weeks!! Oh my goodness! I look ridiculous and also I accidentally scared a child......hahahahahah this is eye is awful but oh well. I love this place its incredible even if I did almost die. Hahaha all I could think about was Brooklynn in California hahaha it made my day! Love you all familia!
Te Amo!!!!!
Hermana Allphin

P.S. Mom I am sorry I didn't drink water but really its okay I lived so all is well!

​I loved cleaning the temple!!!

look at my nasty eye!!!!!! Food poisoning is the worst! 

​This is after we cleaned the temple

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